Tomorrow, Vote Cross-Community LABOUR ALTERNATIVE #1

For Real Change, For a New Kind of Politics!

Courtney Robinson (East Belfast)

Sean Burns (South Belfast)

Conor Sheridan (East Antrim)

Use your vote to demand:

  • An end to austerity – make the super-rich pay!
  • Investment in a future for young people
  • LGBT equality and a woman’s right to choose
  • A left alternative to Green & Orange politics
  • Put people and planet before profit
  • Socialist change, not capitalist inequality

Click here to see our full manifesto.

A message from our candidates:

Dear voter,

The Assembly Executive parties – DUP, SF, UUP, SDLP, Alliance – have failed the people of Northern Ireland. Their policies have left one in five people in poverty, decimated our public services, created mass youth unemployment, denied women and LGBT people their basic rights and maintained sectarian division. We know that most of our generation – and many older people – are totally turned off by what the main parties have to offer. It’s time for a new kind of politics.


The growing support for socialist Bernie Sanders in the US and the movement which saw Jeremy Corbyn elected to the Labour leadership in Britain show that people internationally are looking for a radical, left alternative to poverty, inequality and division. On Thursday 5th May, you can help bring this wave of change to Northern Ireland by giving Labour Alternative candidates your first preference vote.


Labour Alternative has been the only party to put the demand for same-sex marriage equality and a woman’s right to choose front and centre in our election campaign. Where we are standing, we are the only party which has consistently rejected austerity, whether in the form of cuts or of regressive taxes like water charges.


If elected, we will be principled fighters for the rights of ordinary people, inside and outside Stormont. We are committed to living on a young worker’s income and using the balance of our salaries to help build campaigns against cuts, environmental destruction and discrimination, for workers’ rights and equality.


We hope we can count on your support.


Yours sincerely,

Courtney Robinson – East Belfast

Sean Burns – South Belfast

Conor Sheridan – East Antrim