Protests Against Library Cuts Planned Across Northern Ireland

A day of action against cuts to library services has been called on Saturday 25th June. The Hands Off Our Libraries campaign opposes planned reductions in opening hours at fourteen branches across Northern Ireland. Protests have already been announced in Enniskillen, Carrickfergus and Finaghy and more are expected to be announced in the coming days.

Donal O’Cofaigh – Chair of Fermanagh Trades Council – said:

Really good turnout of young people and trade unionists at the meeting this afternoon to officially launch the campaign.
Really good turnout of young people and trade unionists at the meeting to officially launch the campaign.

“Our libraries are being subjected to death by a thousand cuts. If we don’t resist this reduction to opening hours, more attacks will come down the line. These vital community services are being systematicaly run down.”

“Libraries NI are running a so-called consultation on the cuts until 17th July, asking how we want them to be implemented. I encourage everyone to respond by clearly stating that we are opposed to any cuts whatsoever.”


Sean and Labour Alternative activists collecting signatures against cuts to Finaghy Library last night.
Finaghy organiser Sean Burns added:

“This attack is a direct result of Stormont budget cuts. They tell us there is no money to fund our libraries, yet the Assembly Executive plans to give big business a huge tax cut at a costs of hundreds of millions per year from public services.”

“Along with trade unionists and campaigners across Northern Ireland, we plan to resist all these cuts and demand that Libraries NI, Communities Minister Paul Givan and the Assembly Executive make the necessary funds available to maintain our library services.”