What We Stand For

End austerity, make the fat cats pay!mentalhealth

  • Stop all Tory/Stormont austerity and public sector job losses
  • Kick private sector vultures out of health, education and other public services
  • Rebuild and restore our NHS
  • Take profiteering firms which threaten mass redundancies into public ownership
  • Tax the super-rich and use the wealth for the benefit of people and planet

1972498_10201460414368037_1877568848_nDemand a future for young people

  • Voting rights for 16 and 17-year-olds – it’s our future!
  • Public investment to tackle youth unemployment, not handouts and tax cuts for big business
  • For a genuinely integrated, free and fully funded education system
  • Stop all cuts to youth centres and support services

Decent jobs with decent pay997046_10202469367671239_6816315896399676005_n

  • For a real living wage – £10/hour minimum wage with no youth exemptions
  • Ban zero-hour contracts
  • Full employment rights for all agency staff
  • Trade union rights for all workers – Scrap anti-union laws!

abortionMake the Stormont dinosaurs extinct

  • Same-sex marriage equality now! End the ‘gay blood’ ban
  • Challenge rape culture and all forms of sexism
  • Organise against racist attacks. Unite for jobs, homes and services for all
  • End criminalisation of drug users – invest in addiction and support services instead
  • Decriminalise abortion and legislate for a woman’s right to choose. Abortion should be provided through the health service, without cost and shame, for all who need it
  • Fully free and available contraception and sexual health services including access to IVF on the health service
  • For secular & progressive sex education in school

Moving beyond Green and Orange11896170_10204640105058317_451870638277216507_n

  • Unite Protestant and Catholic communities to fight for a better life for all
  •  For compromise, mutual respect and local agreements on contentious issues
  • Resist the Green and Orange politicians’ attempts to divide us along sectarian lines
  • Trade unions unite us in the workplaces – they should take action to unite us politically
  • Unite with those in the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England engaged in the same fight for a better life

12002936_10204673395250551_3508795933301282502_nInternational solidarity

  • Support for those fleeing conflict and oppression, not more bombs and bullets
  • Scrap Trident – invest in socially useful jobs and services instead!
  • For a democratic Europe run by and for the 99%, not the billionaires

Put our planet before profit


  • Ban fracking immediately to safeguard our water supply and ecosystem
  • Public investment for rapid transition to affordable, renewable energy
  • Take meaningful action against corporate polluters