Labour Alternative Raises “Serious Questions” About Water Metering

Labour Alternative committed to organising non-payment if charges introduced

Speaking today, Courtney Robinson –  Labour Alternative candidate for East Belfast – raised “serious questions” about water metering:


Courtney explained:

“I have been contacted by residents on the Holywood Road who have documented water meters being installed in their area. Meters have been installed at all new houses for some time and now are being put in place at older properties. What other purpose would these meters serve except to charge people for water?”

“Serious questions have to be asked of all the main political parties about their intentions around water charges. Alliance have already stated they want to see separate water charges introduced. As it stands, plans to introduce the charges have only been delayed. We demand that they are officially scrapped.”

meterThe last time the politicians attempted to bring in water charges, they were met with the threat of mass boycott and protest. Over 100,000 non-payment pledges were collected in communities across Northern Ireland by the We Won’t Pay Campaign.

A mass boycott of water charges is under way in the South of Ireland. It was a major issue in the recent election. Last Saturday, I met with former socialist TD Joe Higgins who is at the forefront of the battle against this austerity tax.

If the Stormont politicians attempt to introduce water charges, Labour Alternative is committed to help communities organise to stand together and refuse to pay.