15th March 2016

Adrian Ismay Death Underlines Failure of the Stormont Politicians

Courtney, born in the year of the Good Friday Agreement, condemns attack Courtney Robinson, East Belfast Labour Alternative spokesperson, today said: “I am saddened to hear of the tragic death of Adrian Ismay. The dissident republicans responsible for this disgusting attack have nothing to offer the people of Northern Ireland. They are intentionally stoking the flames of sectarian division. It is …

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9th March 2016

1% pay increase an insult to health workers

DUP and Sinn Féin offer workers spare change not real change! Labour Alternative candidate in South Belfast, Seán Burns stated “Simon Hamilton’s imposition of a 1% pay increase is an insult to health workers. In reality, this amounts to a pay cut when the increased cost of living, changes to national insurance and pension contributions are factored in.” “The Health …

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25th February 2016

Labour Alternative – It’s Time for a New Kind of Politics!

Labour Alternative – It’s Time for a New Kind of Politics! End austerity, make the fat cats pay – Stop all Tory/Stormont austerity and public sector job losses – Kick private sector vultures out of health, education and other public services – Rebuild and restore our NHS – Take profiteering firms which threaten mass redundancies into public ownership – Tax …

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21st February 2016

Teenagers to Contest Assembly Election for New Left-Wing Party

– Labour Alternative aims to capture desire for change reflected in success of Corbyn, Sanders and radical left in the South – Party calls for votes for 16 and 17-year-olds – Candidates will provide “a radical voice for young people, women, LGBT rights and the working class” – East Belfast voters will be able to vote for Robinson in May …

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