14th April 2016

Courtney Hits Out at Precious Life Appeal for Support

Courtney Robinson our Labour Alternative candidate for East Belfast – has sent a scathing reply to an appeal for support from anti-abortion group Precious Life. An email from Bernadette Smyth asked if Labour Alternative would “defend the right to life of all unborn children in Northern Ireland”. Along with over 200 others, Ms Robinson signed a public letter admitting to …

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13th April 2016

Labour Alternative Welcomes NILRC Labour Rebel Candidates

Labour Alternative welcomes the decision by local members of the British Labour Party to stand in the upcoming Assembly election under the banner of Northern Ireland Labour Representation Committee (NILRC). An opportunity to begin building a credible, anti-sectarian voice for the working class is posed and must be seized. That is precisely why Labour Alternative was launched. The growth in …

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12th April 2016

Youngest Candidate Standing for Labour Alternative

“Stormont parties are to blame for disengagement amongst young people” “My generation are not apathetic.” “Young people should register to have their voices heard on 5th May” Courtney Robinson – contesting East Belfast for Labour Alternative – is the youngest candidate standing in the Assembly election on 5th May, at the age of 18. Our South Belfast candidate, Sean Burns (19), follows closely …

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11th April 2016

Don’t Vote for Dinosaurs!

Labour Alternative candidates Courtney Robinson (18, East Belfast) and Sean Burns (19, South Belfast) have put up a new poster on LGBT equality and the right to choose across their constituencies. The posters have a provocative message for the electorate – “Don’t vote for dinosaurs!” Commenting on the poster, Courtney Robinson said: “Last week, a young woman received a suspended …

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6th April 2016

Woman in Abortion Case Should Not be “Demonised”

Labour Alternative spokesperson Courtney Robinson has defended the woman given a suspended sentence for using medical abortion pills and attacked the “sensationalist” media coverage of the case today. “The sensationalist coverage of the case of this young woman is disgusting. On the Nolan Show, for example, attacks on people not in a position to defend themselves are usually cut across. …

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4th April 2016

NI’s Barbaric Abortion Laws Condemned by Courtney

Northern Ireland’s abortion laws have once again been exposed as outdated and barbaric. A young woman has pleaded guilty to charges brought under legislation that is 150 years old. She has now received a three month suspended sentence. This comes after a High Court ruling which said that our abortion laws are incompatible with human rights. Courtney Robinson, Cross Community …

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3rd April 2016

Conor Sheridan to Contest East Antrim for Labour Alternative

Larne student Conor Sheridan (24) has announced that he is to contest the upcoming Assembly election in East Antrim for Labour Alternative – a new cross-community, left-wing party. Labour Alternative summarises its aims as: – To fight against austerity, for workers’ rights and a better life for all – To fight for equality and against discrimination – To advocate compromise …

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30th March 2016

We Need a Real Living Wage!

On April 1st, George Osborne’s so-called ‘living wage’ of £7.20/hour for workers aged 25 and over comes into force. Labour Alternative welcomes every pay increase for workers, but this measure falls far short of the Living Wage Foundation’s call for £8.25/hour, never mind the £10/hour minimum wage correctly demanded by the Trades Union Congress. Workers under 25, like all of …

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16th March 2016

Picket of Stephen Farry’s Office Over Tuition Fee Threat

Fees hike would make higher education “preserve of the rich” Labour Alternative demand “free education, not handouts for the fat cats” Threat shows Alliance supports “right-wing austerity agenda” Today we called a picket of Minister for Employment & Learning Stephen Farry’s constituency office in Bangor over his threat to increase tuition fees to as much as £9,000 per year. The protest has …

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