9th January 2017

‘Cash for Ash’ Scandal: Fresh election opportunity to pass judgment on Stormont establishment

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scandal – which has prompted Martin McGuinness’s resignation as Deputy First Minister and looks set to trigger a fresh Assembly election – sums up everything which is wrong with Stormont: corruption, cronyism and sectarian sabre-rattling. While the DUP and Sinn Féin are slashing jobs, benefits and public services, hundreds of millions stand to go up …

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1st December 2016

Sheridan Condemns Wilson’s “Cold” Attitude to HIV Sufferers

Labour Alternative representative Conor Sheridan has hit out at East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson’s comments about HIV in response to a constituent’s request that he back World AIDS Day. Conor said: “Sammy Wilson has implied that people suffering from HIV are somehow less worthy of sympathy and treatment because they likely contracted it as a result of ‘lifestyle choices’. This …

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28th November 2016

Support the Teachers’ Strike!

On 30th November, teachers in the NASUWT trade union will take strike action in Belfast and Newtownabbey – the first in a series of regional strikes – in response to the insulting decision of the Minister of Education to withhold the money allocated in the block grant for last year’s pay award. Teachers have lost thousands of pounds as a …

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16th November 2016

Kiessling Should Not be Welcome in Schools

Prominent American “pro-life” figure Rebecca Kiessling is currently touring Northern Ireland at the invite of Bernadette Smyth’s Precious Life group. Her visit takes place against the backdrop of the election of Donald Trump as US President, who has said women should face “some form of punishment” for having an abortion. On this, all five main parties at Stormont are agreed …

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1st September 2016

NI Executive “Should Take Monkstown Factory into Public Ownership”

Caterpillar projects worldwide profit of almost £1.7 billion this year, received £3 million in NI public funds last year NI Executive must introduce legislation which “restricts profitable firms’ ability to simply throw workers on the scrapheap” “Executive have taken £700 million loan to fund redundancies in the public sector. Why can’t they find money to save jobs for a change?” …

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12th August 2016

Libraries Campaign Welcomes Minister’s ‘U-Turn’ on Cuts

The Hands Off Our Libraries campaign is celebrating victory today after Minister for Communities Paul Givan announced that extra funds have been found to prevent cuts to opening hours at fourteen branches. The campaign organised a day of action on Saturday 25th June, supported by Unite the Union, which saw protests and campaigning at all the libraries under threat. The …

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13th July 2016

Labour Alternative Backs Corbyn in Leadership Race

Corbyn’s opponents branded “Red Tories” and “Blairite wreckers” who “fear he will win” next general election Cross-community left-wing party Labour Alternative has thrown its support behind Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign to remain leader of the British Labour Party. South Belfast spokesperson Sean Burns said: “Labour Alternative sends its support and solidarity to Jeremy Corbyn and those fighting to defend his leadership …

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6th July 2016

Library Campaigners Protest at Minister Paul Givan’s Constituency Office

A protest was called by the Hands Off Our Libraries Campaign outside the constituency office of Minister for Communities Paul Givan in Lisburn. Lisburn library and thirteen other branches across Northern Ireland are threatened with having their opening hours reduced. Minister Givan has responsibility for the library service. Organiser Peter Dynes said: “This is only the latest round of cuts …

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6th July 2016

“Chilcot: History will judge them as war criminals”

Labour Alternative representative Courtney Robinson has responded to the Chilcot report: “The Chilcot report is a damning indictment of Tony Blair and those around him who pushed for war in Iraq in 2003. They did so based on the blatant lie that Saddam Hussein – an erstwhile ally of the West – had weapons of mass destruction. This was a …

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4th July 2016

Assembly Executive attempting to “out Tory the Tories”

Responding to Stormont Finance Minister Mairtín Ó Muilleoir’s commitment to push ahead with cutting corporation, possible below 12.5%, South Belfast Labour Alternative representative Sean Burns has said: “While corporation tax in the South is officially set at 12.5%, the real rate of tax paid by big business is around 6.5%. Google pays an effective tax rate of 0.25%. The logic of Minister …

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