Don’t Vote for Dinosaurs!

Labour Alternative candidates Courtney Robinson (18, East Belfast) and Sean Burns (19, South Belfast) have put up a new poster on LGBT equality and the right to choose across their constituencies. The posters have a provocative message for the electorate – “Don’t vote for dinosaurs!”

Commenting on the poster, Courtney Robinson said:

“Last week, a young woman received a suspended sentence under the 150-year-old legislation which governs abortion here. Her ‘crime’ was to procure tablets which the World Health Organisation lists as essential medicines but which are illegal here if taken to induce a miscarriage. The fault lies not with this woman but with all the main political parties, none of whom support a woman’s right to choose.”

“Northern Ireland is now the only part of Britain and Ireland that does not allow same-sex couples to marry. The DUP have undemocratically blocked marriage equality. Some politicians from the UUP, SDLP and Alliance either oppose marriage equality or sit on the fence.”

“Meanwhile all the main political parties – from Sinn Féin to the DUP – engage in the politics of sectarianism and division. The posters we have produced have got a great response. People are fed up of politicians who have failed to challenge sectarianism, racism, sexism or homophobia and have proven themselves incapable of creating a decent future for ordinary people.”

“We need to build a new kind of politics which is about opposing austerity, rejecting sectarian division and demanding equality. In this election, we intend to do things differently from the main parties and have a campaigning approach. We aim to build a strong, cross-community left alternative and people power movements in order to bring about real change.”