Conor Sheridan is a 24 year-old student from Larne contesting the Assembly Election in East Antrim for Labour Alternative

Conor explained:
“I planned to stand as an independent because I felt none of the established parties were for me. I want to provide an alternative to Green and Orange politics, to be a voice for workers’ rights who will fight against Stormont’s cuts, a voice for equality.”

“Having discussed with Labour Alternative, I now feel that this is the party for me. It is genuinely cross-community, made up of trade union activists, anti-fracking campaigners and young people who want a better future. Labour Alternative offers a new kind of politics.”

Conor has been actively involved in the campaign against drilling in Woodburn forest near Carrickfergus, which is feared could pollute the nearby reservoir which serves much of East Antrim and beyond. He plans to run the Belfast marathon in May to raise funds for the SOS bus and homeless support services.